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healing your challenges with food

If you’re here it’s because you recognise that you don’t have a great relationship with food, your body, or both. In the struggle to becoming healthier (AKA “skinnier”), we’ve become obsessed that bread makes us fat and our self-worth is measured by our dress size or weight.

The health industry is over run with conflicting information and eating has become a moral issue with 'good' and 'bad food',  food is being used as a vehicle for self-judgment.

You know diets aren't the answer, but you no longer trust your instincts to steer you in the right direction. You see yourself entering negative thoughts about somehow fixing your body, “trying harder” and food control.    

The great news is that by working together your trust can be rebuilt so you can get on living life with food freedom and sheer joy in your body.

Are you ready to be at peace with food?

am i right for you?

Do you;


  • Obsess over food and rules

  • Feel guilty after eating something that is 'bad' or 'unhealthy'

  • Reach for food when life gets stressful

  • Fall 'off the diet wagon' and instead overeat

  • Control or measure all of your food so food is no longer a pleasure

  • Feel out of control with eating

If you have answered YES to any or all of the above, its time for you to make peace with food.


Lets end your constant struggle together and start your journey to a healthy relationship with food and your body where you are back in charge of your life rather than food being in control of you. 

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published author of 'true taste'

My book is now available which is full of recipes that my clients and I love. Meals that will give you natural energy and keep you fuller longer so your blood sugar is level and you are less likely to grab a snack. There is an introduction to intuitive eating, the very core of my coaching. Here, you begin to understand that a diet isn't the answer and you are in charge of what, when and how you eat. You can purchase your hardback copy here

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'No more symptoms,

      just solutions'

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