1-to-1 coaching

I coach professional women & men and well as teens who experience stress/ comfort/ boredom eating, who have tried other solutions that don't stick, are stuck with not knowing where to turn and want to be able to change habits, be free from 'mental eating', understand what food is best for them as an individual and not have to follow a diet again.


Most of the time, professionals are 40+ either teens' eating habits have changed, they have noticed personality changes,  the teen is aware that they need assistance but don't want this from the parent/carer.


Gut health clients - men and women who experience frequent bloating, IBS, gas, acid reflux, skin issues, tiredness, lack of focus, constant level of stress, type 2 diabetes, weight gain. Through gut health program energy is improved, a clients stress is reduced and managed easier to repair gut health and lose weight through a tailored program where an individuals gut health profile is considered and acted upon via food, environment, grounding & earthing. 

Prices For 1-to-1 Coaching

  • Food freedom & Gut health program, each are 10 weeks with a 1 hr session each week and tailored information for each clients - £1000

  • Hourly sessions @£100

  • Teens sessions @£75 per 45 minutes - 5 sessions to be purchased at a time

  • Month MOT sessions for clients who have completed either food freedom or gut health program £100