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I have always been a lover of food , which in the past has been to my detriment. Hi its 'Thunder Thighs' here or so I was known in my early teenage years. I grew up in a wonderful family where food was very important and brought us all together.


I Often baked with my mum which is where my passion for cooking started and its only gotten bigger..


My love of cooking and food has been a pleasure and a struggle, whether is was being bullied for being the wrong size or in my 20's moving to Liverpool from Newcastle where I was born and finding solace in food to stop my loneliness and deal with my Dad's passing. I am a firm believer of eating well - but in a healthy way, being able to say NO when needed and having the knowledge of what food helps me keep fuller longer and most importantly knowing what will work for you too.


Through divorce and losing job as head of account management I searched my soul to find my true calling, which I always knew would be food related. I found coaching and a way I could help women who are in a similar pattern, dieting, falling off the wagon, binging, guilt, and dieting again - a never ending and exhausting existence. Not living, just existing, looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. Coaching has shown me that self like, even self love is possible and giving yourself time is the most important thing you can do. 


my struggles and joys through life have shown me that life is truly for living in the healthiest way I can...


Through years of my own issues with emotional eating and my over 30+ years of studying gut health I have created programs where working with me, means that you can reach food freedom and optimum gut health.

On a one to one basis via a bespoke program you will receive my undivided attention to fast-track you through your own personal transformation where we focus each week on your disordered eating transformation so you are free of triggers and living your best life with no compromise.

If you wish to delve deep into gut health then a bespoke 1 to 1 coaching program is for you where we delve deep into intuitive living, vastly improving your gut health type, grounding, guided meditation and breathing, a complete body, mind and soul reset, rest, repair, restore, resilience are all part of your bespoke gut health program

its my aim to stop the noise and make the journey clear for you...


My mission is to help hard working, stressed professionals and teens improve their eating habits and behaviors in a healthy, supportive environment that will change their life to no longer need a weight loss plan, never see food as good or bad, and to be able to look in the mirror and really like what they see, no matter what.

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