True Balance

If you wish to go deeper into your health journey then this is for you.

True Balance is a 1 to 1 program where we delve deep into intuitive eating so you will be in tune with your body, understand exactly when, and how much food your body needs but also what cravings really mean and what food will truly nourish your body and soul.


Together we will work on improving your gut health and immune system so intuitive eating and intuitive living will be at its optimum level. 

We will work intuitively with your body so at the end of the program your eating habits will have improved, your energy will have increased, sleeping patterns will be better and stress will be reduced.

This program extensively covers;

  • Intuitive Eating (including monthly cycles, peri & menopause food guides)

  • Gut Health

  • Boosting your Immune System

  • Grounding

  • Guided Meditation & Breathing


The program rolls out over 4 months where your health and well-being will be restored and true balance in your life will be achieved.

The 4 months True Balance Program is £3000.00