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Fresh Start Membership

My  Fresh Start membership is geared towards ladies who are able to self-coach and motivate themselves to get to the route of their emotional eating and body image issues and know exactly what to do when their triggers occur.

Through a monthly subscription you will receive:

  • A monthly e-book focusing on a specific element of emotional eating or body image

  • Seasonal recipes that will keep you energised and fuller longer

  • Automatic access to the WhatsApp Fresh Start group where you have the support of other women in the membership and you can build on your accountability

  • Ask the Expert Live Session

  • 15 minute Laser Coaching Call

The membership spans over 12 months where you will understand the answers to your emotional eating and body image issues, know your triggers, have a ready made tool kit so when triggers occur you no longer reach for food AND are able to look in the mirror and like what you see - no matter what. The membership will be open again  to new members on Monday 2nd August. You can join the waiting list now.