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Can gut health cure a hangover?

Drinking alcohol can make you feel good at the time, but do you find yourself full of regret and feeling rough the morning after?

For those of you keen to celebrate Euro-vision and the next bank holiday, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to enjoy a few extra drinks without suffering. While nourishing your gut I'm afraid can’t cure or prevent a hangover, it can definitely ease it.

Here are 3 tips to get your started;

  1. Sorry ladies, but avoid the bubbles! - the clink of a glass full of fizz can make us think of sunny days, but anything with bubbles is likely to make you feel worse. Researchers from the HPRU Medical Research Centre in Guildford gave volunteers fizzy or flat champagne. Those given the fizzy stuff got drunk more quickly. It's because of the bubbles in the alcohol which cause it to be more rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream and overtake your liver’s ability to digest it at such speed. The higher your blood alcohol concentration… the more toxic the impact on your body.

  2. Prepping your gut with extra fibre before, during and after your night out is crucial to arming your gut microbes with the tools to support your gut-liver axis. Because alcohol can irritate and weaken our gut wall, toxins can easily pass from our gut into our bloodstream, creating more inflammation. This is why you feel rough. But if your gut microbes are in good shape, they’re more likely to produce more butyrate, which may help the body better withstand the inflammatory effects of alcohol.

  3. Do you find that you suffer from nausea, vomiting, headaches and a stuffy nose after just one or two alcoholic drinks? Then this might apply to you. How much alcohol you can intolerance withstand before feeling sick varies when you have an intolerance. While some can hold a few glasses, others can barely sniff a drink. Unfortunately, the only way around this one is to understand your limits. It could be a component of alcohol and not the alcohol itself that’s the problem for you. If you're sensitive to gluten you may already know to avoid beer but were you aware of the sulfites and histamines commonly found in wine? In order to determine exactly what it is that doesn’t agree with you, it may be best to work with a gut health expert like myself. Book your FREE discovery call here.

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