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Hey Sugar

Sugar – such a sweet, sweet sensation, not just in taste but also in your mind.

Sugar can create energy, alertness, strength and speed – who hasn’t been able to perform better for a short period of time after having a sugary energy drink? It can also create the feeling of comfort and the feeling of love. It is well reported that after having sweets your dopamine level can increase dramatically giving a feeling of motivation and reward.

That sugar hit can also increase your natural opioids leading to the feeling of pleasure and that kinda ‘loving’ feeling. No wonder we love it so much!

Here’s a bit of bad news, the more you have of sugary food and sweets, the more your brain will need to get that high, so it’s a bit of a viscous circle and completely understandable that sugar is addictive.

Putting it simply our brains love sugar, but our bodies don’t. Sugar puts physical stress on your body in such a way that is can increase your cortisol levels and therefore induce your fight or flight mode – where you are ready for action and pumped up and feeling stressed, insulin is then released to bring you back into balance, however all too often, your body can release a lot more insulin than what is needed and that’s when you crash, feel tired, lousy and in need of another hit.

So, if you are a regular sugar consumer, throughout your day you’re on a sugar roller coaster going from happy and elated to tired, grumpy and argumentative, simply because of sugar.

Excess sugar has also been linked with heart disease, strokes, breast and colon cancer, so really when you think about it – is it worth another hit?

Believe me I’m not saying cut out sugar altogether, that’s ruthless! But when you get to that certain time in the morning, afternoon or evening start asking yourself, is this what is really want? And see how that feels for you, start exploring what you might REALLY need.

My next blog I’ll be focussing on how you can effectively reduce your sugar intake both physically and mentally, I look forward to sharing this with you.

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