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I can help lower teenage eating disorders

Through client confidentiality I cannot share names, so for this blog I am going to use the name Aimee.

Aimee is 16, her mum noticed that Aimee's personality has changed, she is very quiet when just a year ago she was so bubbly, confident and happy. Aimee stays in her room, doesn’t like going out and now is very cagey when it comes to food, she would prefer not to eat in front of her mum, or anyone for that matter.

Aimee’s mum has noticed that she is hiding food in her room that she hasn't eaten as well as a load of sweet wrappers, Aimee no longer wants to get dressed up and often says she’s fat. Yesterday Aimee commented on her size saying she was disgusting and broke into tears in front of her mum.

Aimee’s mum (let’s call her Cheryl) is struggling, she can see Aimee getting progressively worse and no matter what she suggests it’s not working, Aimee is retracting into her shell more and more and Cheryl is worried that Aimee is on the way to an eating disorder and depression.

This was just six month ago when Cheryl came to me after seeing that I have experienced eating disorders, came through them and coach both adults and teen to their own food freedom where food is no longer the one in control.

I spoke in confidence with Aimee and could see she needed my help and support to change her relationship with food and herself, build up her confidence and body respect.

I worked with Aimee over 12 weeks, meeting her online each week as she felt most comfortable with this, getting to the core of her insecurities with her body, the triggers she had when it come to food and most importantly the emotions she needed to express so food was no longer used to quash or avoid those feelings.

Fast forward to now and Aimee is going on holiday, she has gone on a shopping spree with her mum and chose clothes that fit her, not the baggy clothes she had been wearing and she feels amazing. She also went for a meal with her mum and with her own techniques and tools Aimee was able to enjoy each mouthful. In her own words ‘the angry shouting has stopped and even if it does come back I will tell it to be quiet, and it will'. How powerful is that! It give me tingles every time I think of it, knowing that I was able to help, support and coach Aimee from the journey of a food disorder and facilitate her journey to food freedom.

No one should have to deal with disordered eating or an eating disorder. If you can see changes in the way your child connects with food,can see a change in their behaviors, habits and personality. If you are concerned like Cheryl then contact me for a call where we can decide together the best way to support and guide your child to their own freedom with food.

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