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In 2021 I resolute to...

So here we are, 2021 and most if not all the UK we are back in lockdown. So how does this sit with those of you who made New Year resolutions?

If yours is to diet and lose weight, as a health coach, this year I implore you, don't do it. 'Hang on, but you're a health coach, surely you should be promoting weight loss?'

It may surprise you to hear that is not my ultimate goal for clients, of course each client has their own goals and if weight loss is one I will support that, but a New Year's resolution to lose weight doesn't work as a diet doesn't lead to lasting changes to either your weight or your health for the vast majority of people.

If you think about it, if a diet worked and gave you the lasting change you desired, your resolution to lose weight years ago would've worked and that would be the end of it! I have put together 5 reasons why you should skip the New Year's resolution to lose weight which is sent to you once you sign up to my newsletter, at the bottom of my HOME page.

It's time to rethink. Most resolutions are unfortunately doomed to fail and will be a distant memory come the end of February, a gloomy thought maybe, but a very honest one.

So, what can be done, what is achievable? Let's start by looking at this differently, when you set that resolution to lose weight, any 'success' is based on an external result that is way in the future. It may not happen due to many external factors which are out of your control, also your willpower is tested at every opportunity, so you fixate on that end goal, which let’s face it is exhausting. If it is achieved, as we are all human, satisfaction is a temporary state and then it's all about maintenance - not exactly inspiring or easy to achieve as there is no real goal there.

A lot of the time we don't reach our goal despite our best efforts and that's when disappointment and despair kicks in. So instead of a resolution where your end goal is to lose weight lets set an intention to eat mindfully - check out my past blogs and my book True Taste to really understand where to start.

As an intention rather than a goal, you can practice this in alignment to your current values and your focus is brought to an internal state you wish to create. With mindful eating you are able to adapt in order to feel good now and you make conscious decisions on how, when, what and how much you eat by considering your available options and paying attention to your physical and mental feelings and sensations.

Following a diet doesn't address any of your underlying thoughts, emotions or habits that drove you to that point so instead of your weight loss resolution let’s look at how you want to feel right now and instead of setting HUGE goals, focus on your thoughts , feelings and actions that will align with your intention to feel good now. Here are a few to get you started.

- Eat food you enjoy and eat it mindfully, so you enjoy it more.

- Choose food that leaves you energised rather than tired and sluggish

- Eat an amount of food that leaves you feeling awake and nourished rather than tired and miserable

Lets start this New Year with well-being always in our mind and listen to our bodies wisdom.

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