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Is Menopause a myth?

This is the very question I was asked at my recent one hour introduction workshop to gut health ‘Better Belly Means Better Health’ and it got me thinking, is there some truth in there that menopause symptoms aren’t necessarily anything to do with going through #menopause?

Many women view #menopause symptoms as being out of their hands when it simply isn't true. You can change your gut health in a matter of weeks and therefore change menopause symptoms, we really do have the power!

The connection between menopause and gut health wasn’t really discussed until recently and now its more widely thought of that if your gut health is sound then your menopause transition is a whole lot easier.

Our change in hormones in #menopause can affect our #guthealth, and our #guthealth can impact the severity of many of the uncomfortable #menopause symptoms.

You probably know that the extra weight is related to changes in oestrogen levels, but you might not be aware that decreased levels of oestrogen can also impact gut health. Such changes can lead to diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating.

At the same time, #guthealth is essential for oestrogen metabolism. So, it is a cycle, #menopause impacts gut health, and gut health impacts menopause symptoms -including weight gain, insulin resistance, and decreased metabolism.

When our oestrogen levels drop, the natural rhythm in our gut is disrupted which has the potential to affect the movement of food and waste products.

The result: indigestion, bloating, wind, constipation and diarrhoea. #Menopause, water retention and bloating often go hand-in-hand. For some women, this can become a more persistent and prominent health concern.

There are over 34 symptoms associated with the menopause, and many are linked with hormonal changes that are known to give rise to gut and digestion discomfort.

So what is the answer? Ladies we need to take charge of our gut health. Oestrogen levels play such a big part in our menopause health and most of our hormones are produce in our gut.

On October 22nd Shirley Lane – #Menopause Coach and I will be guiding you through a Food & Menopause masterclass. You will be given up to date information to make your transition easy. You will learn how to start improving your gut health and understand which food and lifestyle techniques will transform your menopause journey as well as cook food that will support your gut and menopause health.

The Menopause and food masterclass takes place at Ford Hall Farm in Market Drayton 10am – 3pm.

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