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menopause and your gut, what you need to know

Navigating our health through life can be difficult at the best of times, ‘don’t eat this, eat that’ and then ‘actually you can eat this now, is it any wonder that by the time we get to peri menopause and menopause we are just so overwhelmed with information and now we also are dealing with menopause symptoms like;

  • mood swings

  • reduced libido

  • vaginal dryness

  • night sweats

  • hot flushes

  • brain fog

  • anxiety

These are just a few symptoms, which are due to our fluctuating hormones, but there are a whole load more. We can often feel isolated as we see and feel changes within ourselves but it can often feel like they are out of our control or that we are the only one experiencing these changes as lets face it, until recently menopause wasn’t something that was widely discussed.

You might be asking what the heck has this to do with a gut health expert? Well a heck of a lot actually. Menopause impacts virtually everywhere in the body, therefore we need to take more of a holistic approach when we address these symptoms as everything is linked.

We used to think that changes and the symptoms that we experience were all happening in our ovaries, well not so, we now know that our gut and therefore our microbiome (bacteria in the gut) play a HUGE role and this is via our gut – brain axis.

Have you ever heard of the oestrobolome? This is an area I will be covering in detail in my upcoming Menopause and Gut Health retreat taking place on March 4th at Ford Hall Farm in the lovely town of Market Drayton. The farm itself is organic and I will be giving a cooking masterclass using ingredients from the farm shop that you can buy on the day. All the ingredients I’ll be using are shown to have benefits to improve your gut health and hormonal health.

Our sex hormones, oestrogen being one, influence more than just our sex organs. Menopause changes your gut microbiome. The imbalance of sex hormones affects the hormone receptors that are produced in our gut as BTW our gut is responsible for producing over 80% of our hormones.

Your gut is the second largest information centre in your body, second only to your brain. So if your gut microbiome is key to helping support your menopause symptoms relief and overall health then what can you do to support a healthy gut?

Join me and Shirley Lane, Menopause Coach/Hypnotherapist/ NLP Practitioner on March 4th 2023 at Ford Hall Farm to find out how.

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