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Mindful Eating (part 4)

So, let’s take this to the next level; you're finally relaxed. You may ask why it is so important to be in that relaxed state, simple answer is if you are stressed when eating then your body is in fight or flight mode and vital blood and oxygen flow that would normally aid digestion is now being used elsewhere to deal with your fight or flight.

And what happens to that undigested food, yes it turns to fat around your waist.

Let's get back to that relaxed state. Picture it, it's Christmas day and it's just about time to start your Christmas Dinner - a meal you have been looking forward to for a while. You feel relaxed and ready you're gonna enjoy this!

You delve right in there and go for it, the turkey, the roast potatoes, the stuffing, the pigs in blankets, sprouts, carrots, parsnips - all amazing and so tasty, wow and the gravy!! (apologies if your veggie/vegan) STOP!! take a breath and chew, chew for at least 10 times each mouthful and enjoy the taste.

In between, take breaths, put down your knife and fork and (OMG!) have a conversation.

Do as our Italian, French, Spanish neighbours do and yes enjoy the food, but also enjoy the occasion of having your close loved ones around the table with you. The longer and slower you eat the less you will eat overall and your brain will let you know that you are full, so you can stop before getting to that bloated, fuzzy head stage where all you wanna do is fall asleep in front of the TV as you have overeaten AGAIN.

So go ahead, enjoy that meal, but just slow it down a bit, actually taste the food that has been lovingly prepared, each wonderful mouthful and enjoy the family you have around you.

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