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Mood & Food an Intrinsic link

The food we eat can greatly effect our emotions and moods but also our moods and emotions can have a lot to say about our food choices.

I don’t think anyone will disagree that food is a necessity but to many of us it can be a hindrance, a challenging relationship, even a self medicating tool.

We often choose food over dealing with what is really going on in our lives simply because we don’t wan to face the underlying icky issues, or we believe we are OK and that it’s perfectly normal to eat for many reasons instead of hunger as we have done it for years, simply to cope.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE food, but honestly, do you?

Food is our natural fuel, it is their to sustain us, to keep us going as the wonderful person we are. That fuel can take many different forms and those forms can either give us what we need at that time, or not.

Nourishing yourself with food is not just eating salad although that can help, nourishing your body is treating your body with the best food for you at that time, so it not only improves you physically but mentally and emotionally.

So where can this journey of nourishment, clarity and happy relationship with food start? Join me on Wednesday 28th April at 7pm order your ticket here where I start to unravel the connection between mood and food and help understand how you can take charge of your own emotions, feelings and health when it comes to food. I hope to see you there.

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