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My True Taste Book

My True Taste book is out now and ready to buy. But what is it all about and how can it help you? That is the question I care about and I know that you do too.

The True Taste book is all about enticing your taste buds and relaxing your soul. Through my experience with working with 1-to-1 clients and also group work, it became clear to me that people needed better recipes and better solutions to the issues that they were facing.

I wanted to split the book into two individual sections so that everything was covered. For many people who are struggling and managing with binge eating and emotional eating, it is a journey. I wanted to convey this journey and break it down into two sections; the first section covers mine and my clients favourite recipes for breakfast, dinner and lunch. The second section covers the psychology of eating nutritionally valued food and bonus mindset techniques.

The First Section In More Details - The Recipes

As previously mentioned above, the first section of my book - True Taste - covers all of my favourite recipes that I have included in clients successful eating plans. Each recipe is outlined clearly and is easy to follow so that there are no questions asked or uncertainty in following along. All recipes included in the book have been designed and included with the ambition to give you optimum energy and keep you fuller for longer without skimping on the true taste of good food. Hence the title of my book! As well as including recipes for the main three meals of the day, there are also recipe options in there for alternate snacks that will help to maintain energy throughout the day.

The Second Section In More Detail - Mindset Techniques

The second section of the book will go in further detail about mindset techniques. I teach proven mindfulness eating techniques and methods that will leave you feeling good before you eat, during eating and after you finish eating. Eating mindfully will help you to enjoy your food and will also leave you feeling much more energised. This is an important section of the book as many clients I have and still do work with struggle with the psychological side of binge and emotional eating. The second section delves deeper into the reasons why it may be happening and then proceeds to give you actionable steps to take action immediately.

Why Get The Book?

If you are currently struggling with managing binge eating or emotional eating, purchasing my True Taste book may be the next best stop that you need. If you aren’t ready to reach out to a coach like myself, that’s perfectly understandable and I’ll always encourage clients to take things at their own pace and do what they are comfortable with. The book gives you everything you need without having to reach out to any person. But of course, if you’re ready to reach out, I am here for you every step of the way. It really is whatever feels right for you.

One thing is for sure, all the information that you need to tackle emotional eating is in the book in regards to proven techniques and delicious recipes.

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