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Should I weigh myself each day?

I like to keep up to date with what other options are out there when it comes to memberships that offer a similar solution as Fresh Start and I came across this interesting idea that Noom suggest you complete each day.

As your weight can fluctuate daily you should weigh yourself each day at the same time on an empty stomach. This shocked me that an app which is currently promoting themselves as a solution to emotional eating advises their clients to weigh themselves each day.

This really I feel if not a good idea, why? It promotes an obsessional behavior to check your weight each day which can end up setting the tone of how your day will turn out, I’ll explain this a bit more..

If you do lose a little weight from the day before you will see this as a good day, you have stuck to your plan and ate ‘good’ food, however, if you do not lose weight or if you put weight on this can really cloud your day in such a way that you end up berating yourself when there could be nothing wrong.

It may be that you’re on your period, you may very well have hormone issues, even your water intake can change your weight.

To advise anyone that is currently emotional eating to weigh themselves is really leading them down a dark path that should be avoided as all costs as weight is a key stress factor when it comes to emotional eating and it should be treat as such, not measured or judged one way or the other.

My advice? Ditch those scales for good, a machine should not dictate how your day should go, this should be down to you and you alone. And if you’re interested in really getting to the root of your emotional eating, join my Fresh Start Membership.

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