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Diets Don’t Work...So What Is The Answer?

Diets Don’t Work...So What Is The Answer?

Are you tired of trying different diets only to see progress at the start and then inevitably giving up to go back to binge eating? Well, this is a common theme for most people that try different diet programs. It would be great if dieting worked, but the fact of the matter is they simply don’t for the large majority of us. And it’s not just us that think this, it is proven in the data, with recent studies showing that long-term failure rates for diets are between 80-95%.

Why Do Diets Fail?

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The fact of the matter is, diets simply aren’t sustainable. Yes, they can work great for 6-12 weeks but when you are looking at a year, two years, and even further ahead, they don’t last. As diets are often very restrictive, our bodies respond to these internal changes by slowing down our metabolisms which as a result, makes it much harder to lose weight. Moreover, we are all different with varying body types, and therefore a ‘’one size fits all’’ diet definitely doesn’t make sense.

So we know that diets aren’t the best way to achieve a long-term healthy relationship with our bodies and our food choices. But if diets aren’t the way, what are the alternatives?

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating has been around for a long time and promotes much healthier associates for food and body images for many people. Intuitive eating puts you in full control of healthier eating choices and habits with a balance to it. The basic idea is that you should eat when hungry and stop when full. Although this sounds very simple, many people can’t read their own hunger signals and commonly mistake thirst for hunger, for example. Intuitive eating is all about respecting your fullness whilst also simultaneously honoring your health.

Mindfulness Eating

Mindfulness is an ancient spiritual practice of being in the present moment that is applied to all areas of our lives including our food choices and habits. Being mindful of ourselves and when eating, allows us to truly slow down and listen to our body’s impulses and sensations. It’s about enjoying your food and focusing only on your food when eating, as well as eating with others, at set times and places to form healthy habits. Mindfulness eating can be practiced simply by acknowledging every bite you take at mealtime and savoring the nutritious food you are feeding yourself.

Hire An Eating Coach

If you are struggling with stress-eating, over-eating, or other eating habits, hiring a professional eating coach just like myself, Margaret, maybe a great start. Coaching is beneficial to us in all areas of our lives and eating is no different. It starts with being aware and conscious of our habits and then developing coping strategies that work for you to overcome them and change them for the better.

If you would like to arrange a FREE 30-minute consultation discovery call and gain loads of fantastic value and insights into conscious eating choices and how I can help, please feel free to give me a call on 07413 012 474 or fill out the discovery call form.

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