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Top 10 (or more) foods you shouldn't miss when menstruating.

I am very regular when it comes to my period, each 1st of the month on the dot, here she is Aunt Flo coming to visit. This month, wow, it was so very painful in the first few days, which a lead me to do some in-depth research and study what foods are best at different times of the month through our monthly cycle. To not only keep us functioning well, but to keep us from inevitably giving into cravings.

So here we are Day 1 and Oh My God it feels like a mini me is punching the hell out of my stomach and nether regions – I am in pain and grumpy as hell as PMS has literally kicked in big time, little did I know this is due to my uterus contracting so it can release its lining as clearly I am not pregnant.

If you’re in the same situation as me there are a few things that can help ease the pain. It’s a good idea to increase your omega 3 with flaxseeds, oily fish, and eggs and if those pains are intense – oh I know that feeling! Then try incorporating Ginger, Cinnamon and Turmeric into your eating plan. Oh and here’s a thought, include all 3 into a Turmeric Latte, you can find a great recipe in my book True Taste or try ginger tea, both are very warming and soothing.

There is a natural imbalance of progesterone due to you to not being pregnant and no embryo planted, you are also low on oestrogen due to a new egg release, so no wonder we are feeling a bit knackered and to add to that we are losing blood so we are also low in iron, what a combination!

It may surprise you to hear, this is not the time to restrict carbs, but think about this, you want some energy and you want it to last so go for slow release carbs like brown rice, oats and sweet potato.

If you’re losing blood, naturally your Iron level will have taken a hit so go for red meat or fish where the iron can be easily absorbed, or try dark leafy veg like Kale or lentils, they may take longer to absorb but are still great sources.

Zinc is also vitally important to getting those nutrients back into your blood stream so again head for red meat, but you can also try seaweed and surprisingly peanut butter, two teaspoons will do the trick.

And there you have it, just a few ways of dealing with those goddamn ‘painters’ or times of the month so your left less in pain and less drained (oops possibly not the best term to use but hey-ho) Join me next time when I will be moving onto days 6 to 11 of your monthly cycle.

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