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Understanding the Connection Between Gut Health & the Menopause

You may not know but I have been immersed in the world of gut health for over 30 years, my journey all started at the age of 15, while I was going through puberty and my mum was starting her journey into menopause and had been diagnosed with Lupus.

I never knew much about my Mam's menopause journey apart from vaginal dryness (an interesting conversation for me in my teens!) and some lack of sleep. Nothing much else was said, whether that was because my mum was embarrassed or simply didn’t put two and two together with some symptoms as in the 90’s menopause wasn’t really talked about and wasn’t an area that GP’s really knew about. Although it is getting a little better, we still have a long way to go, a topic very much discussed on my recent Gut Health & Menopause retreat – there’s just not enough info out there.

This is something I wish to debunk with my Gut Health and menopause retreats with Shirley Lane. Together we will be giving ladies the best information possible about menopause, its symptoms and how to deal with them better through improving gut health. You can book here now for our Summer retreat

Now at 48, I understand the importance of gut health before, during and after menopause, it can make your transition so much easier, can help ease symptoms and after, optimum gut health leads to life longevity. A happy and able life where you are not dependent on our healthcare system, something we all would love yeah?

So what is there so much importance for gut health during the menopause? Our hormones play a HUGE part in our everyday life, from when we get up to when we fall asleep they dictate how we feel, how our body works, how we deal with illness, how we make decisions AND how we deal.. with menopause symptoms. WHENEVER OUR HORMONES ARE OUT OF TUNE WE FEEL IT. Because of the interconnection of your hormones, you can go from feeling totally fine one day to feeling completely off the next.

I will be covering the subject of our hormones and how to improve them in our next Gut Health & Menopause retreat taking place on 1st July 2023 at Fordhall Farm, Market Drayton, Shropshire and you can book your spot here

It’s no great secret that our hormones fluctuate greatly during menopause and lets face it our ovaries get most of the attention here. But your gut may be your most important ‘organ’ when it comes to hormones as not only does it produce over 70% of your hormones but it also regulates them carefully, so if you’re gut health is out of whack then it’s no surprise your hormones will be too.

Oestrogen was once only thought to be produced in our sex organs. The hormones Oestrone, Oestradiol, and Oestriol are also generated by the gut microbiome. In fact, a healthy microbiome produces more Oestriol and as Oestriol is the weaker of the three, it is most beneficial to the body when produced as you get the benefits of oestrogen without side effects like breast cancer.

With better gut health comes better hormonal health, and less menopausal symptoms, to this day I only have one to contend with and this is due to my great gut health and Elle Sera. The premium ingredients within Elle Sera supplements come into their own when your gut health is great. So it is key for them to work, that you understand and work on your gut health as your priority.

I can help you move from gut discomfort to a happy gut and happy menopause, to book a call click here

To join us on our next Gut Health and Menopause retreat click here

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