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We are all emotional eaters – but how do you stop?

Updated: May 4, 2023

A bit of a bold statement, but let’s just think for a moment, from being born our emotions are in play when it comes to food.

Before I go any further, if you are experiencing challenges with food then book a free discovery call with me here

As babies, when we cry we are fed, when families celebrate food is always involved. Sharing food is a way to show caring and love, a huge reason why we comfort eat.

When we use food to comfort us, to relieve stress or boredom, this type of hunger can never be satisfied with food.

If you are under prolonged periods of stress our will power is lowered, because of the price our body pays over long periods adapting to challenges. Your challenges can be anything from food allergies, anger & frustration, sugar, soil & water chemicals to dealing with constant stress at work, not enough love or lack of exercise. This is known as your allostatic load.

This is where is gets even more interesting, your allostatic load is a major driver of fat, sugar and salt consumption and a major determinant of insulin resistance. Stress effects the functioning of your neurons (also know as nerve cells that send and receive signals to the brain) in the frontal cortex of your brain which leads to a difficulty to thinking AND poor decision making. So you can see how stress can lead to cravings and poorer food choices.

We all have a connection to our gut via our emotions, it’s now a well known fact. When you experience levels of stress this significantly shifts the proportions of your gut bacteria, in particular a decrease in Lactobacillus and Bifodobacter and an increase in E coli and Enterobacter. This change will lead you to a decrease in willpower, heightened cravings and poor food choices.

Your gut is leading you to make poor decision – literally because of stress and the emotional connection with our gut.

You are not to blame, the judgement stops here.

I am an anti diet coach and a gut health expert, here to support your journey to food freedom and optimum gut health so whether you stress, comfort or boredom eat, you understand your triggers and how to deal with them. You learn the best foods for you to eat as we are not all the same. Working with me leaves you enlightened and empowered, with your digestion improved, energy restored and stress significantly lower.

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