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Why diets don’t work

How well do you know this fact – over 95% of us who go on a diet will regain any weight lost within a YEAR and this statistic has been the same since 1959!

There are an increasing amount of people dieting on any given day and because of this, the diet industry keeps growing and growing, so let’s just look at this logically. The vast majority of us will put on the weight we lose, and then some, most of the time and this happens within a year or less.

So, the one thing we can definitely agree on is that diets are really not concerned about our long term health as if they were there wouldn’t be a billion upon billion diet industry.

I guess the question is, with a multitude of diets out there and so many differing approaches, why are we not losing the weight we wanna?

Today I am going to go into a key reason why, if you want to find out the two other top reasons -then subscribe to my newsletter.

Stress is definitely on the increase, and lot of this can be put down to the changes we have all gone through in these past few years. Stress in small doses can be good, however the stress that many of us experience is ongoing and it’s this stress that is stopping any weight loss.

Why?! I hear you ask! One word – cortisol. When we are stressed, we produce high levels of the stuff and is this accompanied with adrenaline that slows down the rate in which calories in our bodies are burnt off. When we reduce our food and calorie intake our body sees this as a survival threat, whereas all it sees itself doing is keeping us alive.

So, when we take drastic measures our natural instincts kick in that have been there for thousands of years and it’s those instincts that keep hold of the weight that we are trying to lose as our body is in stress mode. Our bodies are just doing their best to keep us alive.

This is just ONE main reason diets don’t work. To find out more AND what actually works for a happier relationship with food where you can reach you natural weight without the need to diet then join my mailing list or book a discovery call with me.


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