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Focus through Food Workshop

Employees often spend several hours a day seated at their desks, and it can be challenging to incorporate food and reduce stress when faced with a hectic schedule. Lack of knowledge and a sedentary lifestyle have a negative impact on mood, work performance, and long-term health.

The Naturally Empowered Health & Wellness Program is specifically tailored for employees who are experiencing stress in the workplace. We offer a variety of time-efficient workshops specifically aimed to increase awareness, energy and focus and we even work with employees so they can use our 1-1 coaching services. We have also factored in many stress-reduction components into our workshops which include meditation, intuitive eating and mindfulness techniques.


The NEH Wellness program consists of 3 1/2 day workshop for up to 25 employees. This includes:

Workshop 1  Stress, the effects of food in our minds & bodies 

-    Why, how & where we eat can impact our stress

-    How we can improve

Workshop 2  How stress can effect us in the workplace and  how it can be managed

-    Breathing techniques

-    Meditation

Workshop 3 Improved gut health = better mental & physical health

-    Gut / brain connection, leaky gut

-    Foods and techniques to improve gut health

Detailed workbooks provided each session for up to 25 employees. 1-1 or group coaching is available for employees who require personal support - all prices available on request.