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In the past, my goal was always to lose weight, and I tried every diet. Even though all of the diets seemed to contradict each other to the point where I just didn't know who or what to trust.
I started on Margaret's Food Freedom program, which focused on emotional eating. By the end of that program, I clearly understood why I was eating what I did and how to ween myself away from certain foods to improve my gut health. It worked. I had successfully changed my eating habits.

Without any thought, I signed up for the next program, The True Balance Gut Health program.
This focused on my health, stress and how to improve my energy through gut health. Amazing. I learnt a lot from this one, and the information I received from Margaret will remain in my thoughts for a long time.

Not only have I lost weight, I have also learned what food is best for me to eat for my gut health, and how to be more mindful of myself through meditation, which Margaret will do with you.

The biggest thing to mention here is that Margaret will tailor her food advice based on you and considering your ailments. So it really is a bespoke service. Margaret is very kind in her approach. She is highly informative, not judgemental in the slightest and very easy to talk to.

I urge you to book a discovery call with her. This is a game changer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

- Stuart brookes

We recently noticed that our employees stress levels had increased and  productivity had dipped. Through Margaret's tailored well-being workshops which focused on food, breathing techniques and meditation in the workplace our teams experienced higher energy, better focus . Each workshop supported and empowered our staff with their food relationships and the well-being sessions helped reduce employee stress.

- Rebecca Cairns
McEwan Wallace Chartered Accountants

Margaret came into my life like an angel on a white horse at exactly the time I needed her. My 15 year old daughter is anorexic and I had no idea what to do or where to turn. Margaret explained exactly how she helps people to me and my daughter. I thought my daughter would hate opening up and talking to a stranger but she loves her weekly sessions and after just 3 weeks!!!!! I am seeing improvements! She ate a roast dinner the last 2 Sunday's which she hasn't ate for 5 months! Then on Saturday night, she agreed to eat strawberries with melted chocolate over!!! She hasn't ate chocolate since before Christmas!!! To put your daughters health and happiness in someone else's hands is hard to do but is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I now feel calm and more relaxed about the future. You are staying with us until she is at least 21 Margaret!!! Thank you

- Laura Evison

Working with Margaret has changed my life. She is patient and calm and made me feel safe to find and share some deep feelings linked to my relationship with food. My habits and feelings with eating and exercise have improved so much and the chatter in my brain is finally quiet. I can’t thank Margaret enough x x x

- Amy Bates

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