I have recently been coached by Margaret and I feel great! My goals were to boost my energy and change unhealthy eating patterns. Margaret has helped me identify triggers to my unhealthy behaviours, changed the way I look at exercise and and helped me reduce stress. Margaret is a genuine and incredible coach and I couldn't recommend her enough.

- Vicky King

Margaret is absolutely amazing. She is kind, informative, patient, and absolutely knows her stuff. She took her time to listen and recommend some simple changes to help improve the way I feel. I am so grateful for her coaching and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health.

- Cici Reagan

Even though I thought my coaching would be more about food planning and what I eat, I discovered a whole lot more .. why we crave foods we want, working out what I need to work on to love myself and garduaputting new habits in place. Margaret was patient with me and included meditation. 100% recommend - I learnt a lot more about myself.

- Joanne partington

Margaret is simply fabulous in what she’s doing. Firstly, she’s lovely and kind and it’s so easy to warm up to her, which is very important as you do get to tell her your worst fears and anxieties. From day one you know you can trust her, and it was so easy for me to open up. Secondly, she really does listen and tailors the sessions to you. Thanks to Margaret I have the right tools to make the whole process successful. Her one to one coaching is really eye opening and makes you realise how these days we end up building wrong relationship with food. With Margaret’s help you take a new approach and become a conscious consumer again. Simply you’re in charge of food, not food in charge of you. I would recommend Margaret to anyone who feels that food has took over their life and that there’s no hope. Don’t think twice, because it’s never too late and you won’t regret it. The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself.

- Magdalena Birylo